The Hip Hop World News

by Aaron Dezonie

Hip Hop music and the culture that surrounds it is a huge part of Dark Circle. It's at the heart of the brand through and through. It can be seen in every collection that has dropped from Free.dom and Broken Britain to our latest, Forever.Darkness. 

Rodney Panton, aka Rodney P, London's very own Hip Hop MC from group London Posse, presents the documentary entitled 'The Hip Hop World News', and takes the audience on an immersive journey from the perspective of the people who created the culture and are still strongly associated within. 

The hour and a half programme discusses important issues related with Hip Hop such as conspiracy, police brutality, education and the misogynistic portrayal of women. Rodney P also meets some of his idols from Public Enemy front man Chuck D and New York rapper Rakim to good friend Estelle. 

A seriously good watch to further educate even the biggest of Hip Hop fans. Available to watch now on BBC iPlayer, just click on the link below.


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