Forever By Rory Edwards

For those of you familiar with DARKCIRCLE and how we do things Rory will not be a stranger, in fact you would have seen him featured in many of our lookbooks and collection campaigns over the years. This is why starting this DARK.ART project with Rory felt so natural and so obvious. Only a hand full of people are part of that inner circle who have been with us since the beginning and Rory is unquestionably one of them.

We met around 10 years ago through mutual friends, back when DARKCIRCLE was still a hobby running from my bedroom and Rory had not long left college. What I saw in that guy back then I see today x10. Rory is one of those rare people who walks into a room and makes everyone feel more comfortable. His energy is just different and his passion for life always shines bright. One thing I always remembered every time I was around this guy was how much he loved talking about just doing stuff… about just getting your hands dirty and about getting stuck in. I noticed this was in everything he did. I’d see him out and ask him what he had been doing since the last time we spoke and he would also have something new to say, started upcycling furniture bro, started a carpentry course, delivering boilers…. nah stopped that mate now i’m doing a reupholstery course while i do couriering in the morning. Nothing would slow this dude down from just cracking on! Something I always admired and wished I could do. For whatever reason this dude had zero fear to just start something new.

Fast forward a few years and all that time spent learning new skills and not being scared to try something new had evolved and refined. All those years were spent honing a craft, honing a vision and conceptualising its execution.

It was early summer 2020 and the UK was in full lockdown… Not seen Rory or any of the other DARK family in person for a minute but we had just received our latest collection after months of covid delays and good ol’ Brexit. I needed to get the collection shot so I made some calls to see who would be available. Rory always on the top of the list was first to hit me back, saying he had just moved house but if I need him he’s there (like a real g does). On the day of the shoot he turns up all happy, looking as if the whole country wasn’t in nation lock down. I ask him what he has been up to and his response was, Painting. My reply was I didn’t know you paint… his reply was… Neither did I.

Forever is a collaborative concept between Rory and DARKCIRCLE founder Aaron Dezonie.

We wanted to explore a concept that meant something to both of us. Forever is a word that has surrounded both of us especially through DARKCIRCLE for as long as we have known each other and it just felt right.

The concept was to look inwards and see what was driving us both to create, even tho we both come from different angles and use different mediums why were we drawn to art like this.

This is an ongoing project throughout 2022.