Eat Good. Sleep Sarft

by Aaron Dezonie

It's been a while since our last blog post so where better to start than the release of our latest collection. Eat Good. Sleep Sarft.

Anyone who has known of us for longer than the last 3 weeks will probably knows DarkCircle is all about saying something and all about that all important social commentary. This capsule collection is a different take on this, but the same same at its core. Exploring the cultural relationship between 80's and 90's british/Caribbean communities that we at DarkCircle are a product of. In the light of todays events and this collection actually feels more fitting than originally planned. Where we normally shout our thoughts on the current social and economic disgrace that makes up our sweet old Broken Britain, this drop was more of a homage to the multicultural heritage that really does make this country great.

The Eat Good Capsule is different to our normal collections and we were excited to bring in a more playful element with the introduction of new colours we really have never played with before.

Massive thank you to Charlotte Moss on the Styling and Direction. George Davies on the Photography and Jay McKraay & Emily J Odonnell for Modelling.

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