Dark Sound 5

by Aaron Dezonie

It's been a long week with all this presidential election news so courtesy of DarkCircle, here's 3 great songs to chill you out and rest up before the new week begins.

London based Elijah Sami aka Nyqiull has been posting music on Soundcloud for just over a year now. His mix up of slow paced R&B, soul and hip-hop is the perfect key to chill out. Check out his song 'feel your love' below and be sure to look up his Soundcloud and give this kid a follow, one to look out for in the near future.

 Erykah Badu is always a good option, she released 'On & On' back in 1997, but still gives them good good vibes

Something a little different to finish off, but Jack Johnson is the master of acoustic relaxation, so he had to be included.

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