by Aaron Dezonie

We don't blog about the family enough so i'm gonna use this as the starting point. So in the near future we will start showing more content about the team and the machine that is Dark Circle. So now it only feels fitting to start this new chapter in the Dark Circle Journal by introducing a member of the family who has been down since DAY! literally!!! This dude has been supporting the moves since it was just 50 tees on a bedroom floor. Always sharing input, links, opportunities and knowledge. Also without this dude we wouldn't have been introduced to our own George "Jiggy" Davies (aka G Killa lol). So we want to take this time to shout out our brother Noel Mack.

Not only is this dude the most genuine and pleasant person, he's also a funny murfukka and doesn't care what anyone thinks. The guy is a perfect example of what the phrase "i don't give a fuck" actually means. Noel has been leading Birmingham's creative scene for a while now working with anyone and everyone doing something in the city. He also has the luxury of traveling the world with his celebrity DJ's mates and chillin out in the middle of the ocean on million pound yatchs with models in 40 degree sunshine. When he's not shooting his camera awkwardly in some beautiful girls face he practicing punching people in the face, because oh yeah, he trains in MMA in his spare time.

So Mr Mack we the Dark Circle Family salute you sir and support all your moves as always, don't be a stranger to the studio now you moved out and have your own mr BIG TIME. 

Noel recently did a cool interview with the good people over at Get Known. If you havent already make sure you check it out and follow Noel Mack on instagram:

check the interview here:

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