Ss15 Behind the Scenes

by Aaron Dezonie

As we are getting even closer to the launch of our Ss15 / Broken Britain collection we thought it would be cool to share some behind the scenes images of from the shoot. Would like to also thank everyone who helped out on the day to make it the such a success. We can not wait till the launch to show you everything we have been working on. As always props to the man who brings the hard work together, Mr George "jiggy" Davies. @georged187 /

We also want to take this opportunity to thank the good people over at Kong and Carhartt Coventry for the support and massive thank you to Phil Binder for the huge hook up. Massively appreciate all the help for this one brother. Make sure you check out @Kong_streetwear for the only the latest goodness. Special shout out to Matt Harrison for capturing all this BTS imagery and footage check him @the_right_mind on insta.

Model - Wesley Yanks.
Photography - George Davies.
Direction - Aaron Dezonie
Styling - Leah Petrosino
Assistant Direction - jon Carmichael
BTS Imagery - Matthew Harrison 
BTS Video - Sarpa Salpa 


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