Dark is the new black X Chance The Rapper

by Aaron Dezonie

Back in July we had the opportunity to catch up with one of biggest new comers rap the last 10 years, Mr 

Chancelor Bennett AKA Chance The Rapper. Firstly what we would love to say is that Chance is one of the realest and down to earth artists we have ever met. Having met up with him earlier in the year thanks the incredible Mr Will Lavin AKA ILL WILL, we had the opportunity to pass chance some product personally as a thank you for the invite and back stage passes. What happened next we were not prepared for. Not only did chance thank us personally for the product he also got changed right there on the spot just before going on stage to support Macklemore. After his performance he told us he loved the product and was so grateful. Chance then went on to wear each of the different products we gave him on his remaining UK shows.

A few months later and chance was back in the UK for a one night show at the Forum, London. To show our support in return we purchased our tickets well in advance. A week before the show we had a phone call from our good friend Will Lavin saying he was meeting up with Chance and his team before the show and the plan was to do a meet and greet and they wanted Dark Circle to sponsor it. Unfortunately due to the timing and some miss communication with them being on tour that didn't happen. However chance personally asked is we could send him some product. For this opportunity we were not going to miss out on, so we decided to make something different just for this occasion and give chance the extra early scoop before it went on public sale. When we got to London we headed straight for the venue only to receive a text message telling us to head for state entrance where we would be met by Will and a few members of the security team. Getting there just before Chance was due to go on stage we said Hi to all his team that we had met previously on their last tour. We shook hands and handed over the gifts and thanked them for the opportunity to pass product to them again. They told us to stick around after the show and be their guests which we were more than happy to say yes to. With it being minutes before Chance was due on stage we headed out to the front of house to get a good spot to watch the show. What happened next is something we will all remember for a long long time. The music started, the lights came up and Chance came jumping out from the Darkness, this time wearing our Limited Edition "Dark is the new Black" tee.

After the show we met up with Chance and his crew were we had the opportunity to thank him personally for the support and he shared the same sentiment telling us thank you for our support and making him welcome in the UK. We talked briefly before he headed in the dressing room. One thing we all spoke about was the possibility of supporting his next UK tour and doing something special for the Birmingham gig. So we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone there that night, Chance, Chance's entire team especially Big Max and another massive thank you to Will Lavin. Make sure you check Will's website as this dude is to date with everything urban music related. www.illwill.co.uk



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