Meet The Neighbours - Introducing Note Apparel

by Dark Circle

Here we are going to take the time to show some support for the Neighbours. Note Apparel is also a Birmingham based brand and one we have a lot of time for. Not only is the product crispy clean and well made but the mastermind's behind it just happen to be a great group of people. This is Note's second drop to date and already they have upped the ante since their debut collection. Below are some images from their latest lookbook showcasing some of that goodness. What makes us happy is how Note also have a strong desire to develop and produce product here in Birmingham, so that makes the drop even better knowing that their Jackets were made in the same factories we use. As a follow up to their first drop, Note have again teamed up with the Giants "Ebbets Vintage" for a collab on their light weight loopback cotton sweatshirt. (Cant wait to get my hands on one of these). Once you have checked their lookbook out below make sure you head over to their website for more info on the drop. Last but not least we can forget to shout out the man behind the Camera "Mr Curtis McNally" doing what he does best. Enjoy

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